Will John Cena Ever Return to Full-Time Wrestling Again?

Fans of WWE have been wondering if John Cena will ever return to full-time wrestling again. With his recent appearances on WWE shows, rumors have been swirling about a possible comeback. In this article, we'll explore the likelihood of Cena's return to full-time wrestling and what it could mean for the WWE.

Will John Cena Ever Return to Full-Time Wrestling Again?

John Cena is a name that is synonymous with WWE. He has been one of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry for over a decade, and his impact on the sport cannot be overstated. However, in recent years, Cena has been more focused on his acting career, and his appearances in WWE have been few and far between. Fans have been wondering if he will ever return to full-time wrestling again.

Cena's recent appearances on WWE shows have only fueled rumors of a comeback. He made a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 35, where he interrupted Elias and delivered his signature "Attitude Adjustment" move. He also made an appearance at WrestleMania 36, where he faced "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt in a "Firefly Fun House" match. Cena has also made appearances on Raw and SmackDown, leading to speculation that he might be gearing up for a comeback.

So, will John Cena ever return to full-time wrestling again? The answer is not entirely clear. Cena has been very vocal about his passion for WWE and has said that he will always consider himself a wrestler first and foremost. However, he has also said that he enjoys his work in Hollywood and that he is happy with the balance he has struck between his two careers.

One factor that could influence Cena's decision to return to full-time wrestling is his age. At 45 years old, Cena is no longer the young, spry wrestler he once was. He has also suffered a number of injuries over the years, and it's unclear how his body would hold up under the rigors of full-time wrestling.

Another factor to consider is Cena's status as a Hollywood celebrity. While his acting career has not reached the same heights as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he has still managed to build a successful career outside of wrestling. A full-time return to WWE could mean putting that career on hold, and Cena may not be willing to do that.

In conclusion, while fans would undoubtedly love to see John Cena return to full-time wrestling, it's unclear if that will ever happen. Cena has achieved so much in both WWE and Hollywood that he may be content to continue balancing both careers. However, with his recent appearances on WWE shows, it's clear that he still has a passion for wrestling, and we can only hope that he decides to return to the ring on a more regular basis.

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